136: Forgotten

136: Forgotten I've spent much time and energy focused on my Ugly and working through my pain and loss. As such, I've stopped examining what was beautiful and good. It has created a myopic and unbalanced perspective on Our lives.

128.03: Mostly Last Thoughts on Interlopers and Rumormongers

Targets are stuck between a rock and a hard place, right where the Narcissist wants them to be, damned if they defend themselves and damned if they don’t BUT basically isolated and defenseless. Gregory Zaffuto After Narcissistic Abuse

118: Thoughts on Forgiveness and Clemency

118: Thoughts on Forgiveness and Clemency I realize, like so much, I have been approaching this wrong: I've been seeking forgiveness from C, that is selfish. Is it any wonder C is still pissed?

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