About the Author

On the day after Thanksgiving, 2017 my former wife, Beatrix called my former partner, Painter, and told her of our a forty-eight-month affair. Essentially, during a nearly seven-year relationship with Painter I made the decision to carry on an emotional and sexual affair with my former wife.

Not only did I sleep with my former wife 6 to 8 times over two years but I kept secrets and told an escalating series of lies for the year before it started and the year after it ended. I took these actions with both of them to maintain my relationship, reputation, and protect people I cared about from my Ugly.

As a result of my actions I betrayed my Loves, life, and self. As a result I lost everything I thought I wanted and needed.

This was not my first betrayal or the only kind. I have been on all three sides of infidelity.

That’s my qualifier.

I am solely responsible for my choices. No one is to blame. Nothing anyone else did or said justifies my choices or actions.

Plenty of nuances, but I’ve learned the nuance is for me, my doctor, and the people that care and are self-aware enough to ask.

If you want to know the nuance of my betrayal, well, I’ve written plenty: just pick a category, title, or date and you will find something.

I’m not going to rehash all of my Ugly, but you can get the Clift Notes here. Perhaps you are just a gawker and are only interested in consequences. Everyone loves a train wreck. If so, read this for the recap of my consequences 120 days after the reveal.