11: Slaves and Heroes

I have no obligation to anyone to be the same today as I was a year ago or even 15 minutes ago. I have the right to shed the ideas, opinions, behaviors, and beliefs I held even a short time ago when I realize they aren’t working for me.

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10: Little Boys and Girls

And I wrestle with myself for repeatedly giving you the benefit of the doubt because in the quietest of quiet I know this is your pattern and you aren’t going to change. And in the stillest of still moments I find I still care about you and your suffering.

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Thoughts on The Cost of Feigning Intimacy

In truth, I didn’t value myself either, and as such I acted accordingly. Like Reese Piper, “I didn’t realize what it would cost me” to try to be everything for others leaving little for myself.

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08: This and That

Infidelity wasn’t even the real conflict in my marriage or my relationship with my X or in my life. As someone on the Facebook Esther Perel Discussion Group recently wrote, “The affair is not something you do, it’s a place you go.”

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