70: Playing With Fire

When I made a decision to have an affair with my ex-wife Beatrix, it lasted a very short period of time. From what I can tell maybe 4 months out of the seven years I was with Painter. Four to six sexual encounters. Four to six too many. However, I spent the next two and... Continue Reading →

65: Stories of Scapegoats

I recognize all change is internal growth externalized. If I want a different relationship with others, it is my burden to show up differently and be there for them when they are ready.

63: Stories of Dick Pics

Which of course begs the question, knowing I didn't send one, what is Painter gaining by pretending I did something I didn't?

62: Stories of Invisible Loyalties

I have allowed invisible loyalties to interfere in my well-being. I have taken life-altering actions on more than one occasion because I allowed invisible loyalties to hijack my decision-making process.

61: Relational Blackjack

I was never confused about Painter’s decision to end the relationship. Although I was hurt and sad, I was never confused. I understood.

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