61: Relational Blackjack

I was never confused about Painter’s decision to end the relationship. Although I was hurt and sad, I was never confused. I understood.

18: Sex.

There are places I remain frozen in the past. An outcome of my marriage and the last several relationships is I feel as if I am sexually wrecked. I feel frozen between desire and doubt, analysis and paralysis, ambition and silence

53: I Slept with Her

I have throughout my life, on more than one occasion slept with a woman and left wondering why I did it.

133: Sounding Advice

133: Sounding Advice

"You still have C on a pedestal" and other friendly insight.

127: Monkeys in the Middle

127: Monkeys in the Middle

I've gone to lengths not to put people in the middle of my situation. I don't want anyone else to carry my water.

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