55: Zero Sum Love, Redux

You are, however, not perfect. But neither is anyone else. 

36: The Wedding Rings

I recognize that Beatrix was addressing her discomfort by not wearing the wedding rings. She was responding to her distress as she experienced it even when she couldn’t name it. I get that.

31: Swimming Beyond the Breakers

I had hoped someone would love me enough to see me while knowing my struggles were never about them. My hope contained both a selfish expectation and deep longing.

Music – Marriage Is for Old Folks

Marriage is for old folks Old folks, not for me! One husband One wife Whaddya got? Two people sentenced for life!

11: A Love Letter to the Betrayers: The Monsters

Sure there are monsters, but in truth, most of what we are calling monster behavior is simply someone doing something stupid for stupid and innocent reasons. It's just poor judgment, not pathological. There are actually very few monsters. 

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