Friday’s Guest Writer: Icepicks and Other Homeopathic Remedies (10)

Friday's Guest Writer: Icepicks and Other Homeopathic Remedies (10) How do I get you out of my head? Maybe if I pour gasoline in my ear, and light it on fire. Or stick an ice pick through my eyeball.

Friday’s Guest Writer: I Got Nothing (09)

Friday's Guest Writer: I Got Nothing (09) Here is a list of the authors that have been helpful to me. Check them out. Follow them if you aren't.

A Christmas Samaritan by Friday’s Guest Writer (08)

A Christmas Samaritan by Friday's Guest Writer (08) She truly is Mighty.

What is Deserved? asks Friday’s Guest Writer (07)

What is Deserved? asks Friday's Guest Writer (07) A friend said to me: "I think there is something wrong with deserving." Reading her response has forced me to rethink my use of these words. Misuse? I'll be curious what you think.

Forgiveness by Friday’s Guest Writer (06)

Forgiveness by Friday's Guest Writer (06) Forgiving someone is not easy, is an everyday task. And that hard work starts from the knowledge of yourself.  That’s exactly why is so hard because to forgive we have to acknowledge first the fact that we are not perfect.

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