35: Battling Fear

I wear the armor for the battle I expect, not the battle I am living.

10: A Love Letter to the Betrayers: The Holidays and Anxiety

Which makes the holidays even more difficult. Lots of sugar, high expectations, inherent drama, social demands, and poor sleep combine to fueling exhaustion. For me exhaustion is Anxiety's crack, one feeding the other. The holiday's are the dealer.

Thoughts on Pema Chödrön’s Non-Aggression and the 4 Maras

We are what we embrace. If we embrace the problem than we are the problem. If we embrace the solution we are the solution. If I embrace shame do I not become my shame?

Thoughts on Anita Pavlovic’s Exist in the Moment

The body reacts to sexual arousal and the flu in similar ways. As such, if I don't stop long enough to greet my emotional and physical sensations with curiosity, I will get fucked twice.

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