114: I’ve got this life to fix

114: I've got this life to fix I blew it. But now? I got this life to fix. Gotta build it back up brick by brick. I've got this.

112: Thoughts on What am I doing? by Walking the Journey

112: @Dawn_ByTheCreek asks, "What am I doing?" I've asked myself that question thousands of times a day over the years of my betrayal.  I've asked myself that questions a thousand times a day since the reveal.

111: The Utmost Purest Intentions

111: The Utmost Purest Intentions I've made 132 posts since December 22 on my journal. Today I made 42 of them private placing them in archives.

102: Back on track

102: Back on track I'm just living my life as I see fit; even though it's a bit of a train wreck. I'm getting my life back on track, rediscovering my power, and reclaiming my self-respect.

101.5: Unringing the Bell (Epilogue)

101.5: Unringing the Bell (5 of 5) - Epilogue As my life with C fades to a distant and ringing echo I will move forward with intention. The lessons remain. I'm excited about the possibilities.

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