05: Hidden Lessons

On Friday I helped a friend cater an event at a local brewery. For reasons I am still sussing out when we arrived I had a full blown anxiety attack. The first serious and debilitating one I've had in a very long, long time. I couldn't focus. I couldn't remember what people ordered. I couldn't... Continue Reading →

10: A Love Letter to the Betrayers: The Holidays and Anxiety

Which makes the holidays even more difficult. Lots of sugar, high expectations, inherent drama, social demands, and poor sleep combine to fueling exhaustion. For me exhaustion is Anxiety's crack, one feeding the other. The holiday's are the dealer.

52: My Anxious Bladder

I hate admitting anxiety is an issue. "Anxiety is for women. Real men don't get anxious," my Pride tells me.

Thoughts on Anita Pavlovic’s Exist in the Moment

The body reacts to sexual arousal and the flu in similar ways. As such, if I don't stop long enough to greet my emotional and physical sensations with curiosity, I will get fucked twice.

Thoughts on Pema Chödrön’s Curious about Existence

There was a great deal of beautiful qualities in my relationship with my ex...but she is not the flower. She is not the reason it was beautiful. She is not the blossom or the tree. Our life was beautiful and it bloomed because that was the season and we both contributed to the season.. Our life together blossomed because it was our choice. Now it's time for a different choice.

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