95: The Possibilities

95: The Possibilities

I want things kept simple right now. The possibilities are fun to toss about but the reality is I’m in no rush…but it’s a pleasant thought. It’s nice to be reminded there are other possibilities.

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Going Home

I left on C’s terms. I’m coming home on my own. I’m coming home to my friends. I’m coming home to reclaim my self-respect and power.

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Betrayal: The Team Sport

We color both the innocuous actions and the intent of the betrayal in hyperbolic terms, covered in dashes of the conspiratory and the menacing. Every action must have hidden ill-will. Every act must be a reflection of a deeper darkness.

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01: Ducks and other quacks

I use to believe some things were best kept private…but it is precisely the act of secret keeping that allowed my betrayal to fester so long. When the lies, secrets, and betrayal detonated on our lives twenty-eight days ago I was both sickened and relieved. The secret had been weighing down my soul and my […]

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