19: Opinions

Today I recognize my choices for what they were—an unfortunate and unskillful habit of treating how I felt like a directive. I realize how often, in intimate and vulnerable relationships, I responded with a habituated neurological urge to pursue what I considered comfortable feelings while avoiding the discomfort.

Thoughts on Unfounded Loyalty and Post #13: I’m Proud of ©

Oops! Wait! Let me take off my rose-colored glasses.

12: Today’s Court Hearing

I know his morning I will need to take the gloves off if I want to break the Pattern that brought me here. I will have to embrace the role of Villain if I want to be free.

And that scares me.

147: Thoughts on Weeping in Walmart: A Twitter Conversation

Shit can turn on a dime.

138: Slut

Labeling someone a slut - or a narcissist, predator, or whore - isn't rape, but the emotional intentions are the same. It's about taking someone's Power.

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