12: A Love Letter to the Betrayers – Mostly Dead Cats

The meaningful question from my Good Doctor, and other good doctors, is “if you love/care for others why have you lied and kept secrets that has harmed and injured your Loves, lives, and self?”

54: Lessons from a Black Friday

Here are a few of the lessons learned since that dark, unhappy, and personally blackest of Black Fridays two years ago.

53: I Slept with Her

I have throughout my life, on more than one occasion slept with a woman and left wondering why I did it.

45: A Love Letter to ©

I made mistakes. I'm learning. I'm growing. I'll keep doing better but as I heal, examine myself in the mirror, and let people back into my life I hope this is what I can find within and bring back to the table as a more emotionally complete man. Perhaps this is the letter I should have written to myself.

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