35: Say Something

I feel like I am finally closing the door on this experience and moving forward. The conversation reminded me again, like my marriage to K and my relationship with C, I am more than the sum of my betrayal.

Thoughts on 36: Cleaning Out the Wound by CadConfessional

"Change happens one funeral at a time." At the time we were talking politics. However, in the years since I heard her say that I've come to appreciate this truth.

08: Attitude

A few weeks ago I had a significant shift in my attitude and approach to dealing with my pain and loss. The way the day unfolded was a long serendipitous experience.

The lessons will last a lifetime.

111: The Utmost Purest Intentions

111: The Utmost Purest Intentions

I've made 132 posts since December 22 on my journal. Today I made 42 of them private placing them in archives.

65.11: 0 Days: Omega

0 Days: Omega

Thank you for sharing your life with me. These seven years were some of the most joyous and passionate years of my life. Every moment with you is a gift.

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