55: Zero Sum Love, Redux

You are, however, not perfect. But neither is anyone else. 

51: A Frank Story

Of all the friendships I lost in those chaotic first few months, the one I miss the most (besides Painter) is Et Al.

Thoughts on Conflict Transformation: Moving Closer (Part 5)

If I love you too often I'm conflict avoidant. An uncomfortable pattern with family relationships and romantic relationships.

There are reasons for that right?

Thoughts on Conflict Transformation: Winners and Losers (Part 4)

Long before I have a conflict with others I have conflict within myself. Who wins? Who loses?

I create my own reality and therefore I've created the conflict.

Thoughts on Conflict Transformation: Lawyer Mode (Part 3)

I see in the situation of infidelity, there will never be agreement about my intentions, motivations, or reasonableness but Buck is challenging us to discover what we can "create together." To focus on the solution and not "fall into countless volleys of 'you said...I said' back and forth." This unskillful approach "usually increases tension and decreases connection."

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