To the Betrayers

Hey there!

A bit of this and that specifically for you.

And by you, I mean us.

And by us, I mean the men and women that like me, betrayed their Love(s), lives, and self.

There is nothing simple about this path. Everything I did made sense in the moment but little made sense after the moment. It almost never makes sense to the people my behaviors impacted.

Although I have no shortage of opinions, I have no opinion on whether you should leave or stay or some variation.

Frankly, I’m not sure that is 100% our call. The people impacted by my mistakes have a voice too. The only right I have with others is to leave. They have that same right.

Okay, that’s an opinion.

Some time ago after listening to a podcast on self-compassion I started writing Love Letters to myself.

Which wasn’t particularly manly in the John Wick way but far more helpful than taking my anger, fear, and discomfort out on myself and others. My letters gave a voice to compassion and helped with digging deeper into the life I want.

At sometime I decided to share those conversations with others that like me, struggle with self-compassion and patience.

I hope it helps you find some perspective.

What matters most is what you do today.

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Hi, I’m Sean and I screwed up. I kept secrets and told an escalating series of lies to cover up my mistakes.

However, when I boil it all down, I did what I wanted.

The nuance belongs only to me and the people curious enough to ask.

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