61: Being Incognito: Thoughts on Grief, Loss, and Children

I pretend things didn't happen that did. I confuse resiliency with the appearance of strength and cover with bravado. I pretend the losses don't hurt.

50: Things I Carry: Grief and Joy

Certainly, things and people change - the simpatico of our needs can shift - but we have no chance of recognizing real change or loss if we cannot recognize and accept our inability at times to feel what we see... Being Human, we all have fogs roll in around our heart, and often, our lives... Continue Reading →

46: The Silent Treatment

This is my pattern. I am committed to breaking the pattern.

40: A Moment of Truth

When the longing unexpectedly blooms for C, I need not fear the sting from the hidden bee but remember that alongside C my life blossomed and flowed into a new season. Though the season has passed what I reap in this season is based on what I sowed in the last.

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