111: The Utmost Purest Intentions


I’ve made 132 posts since December 22 on my journal.

Today I made 42 of them private placing them in archives.

I’ve removed just about everything regarding the trolls and their asshattery. I cannot remove everything because they’re interloping uglied up so much of what was already ugly. As such, they are inexorably linked to the Drama Triangle they fueled in order to be the Heros of their own egotistical stories.

From my kitchen overlooking the lake: a refuge from the road.

Although opinions will vary, I doubt C ask them to be her lances. From their first interaction over moving day, when they jumped into the frenzy without talking to C or knowing the plan, they’ve revealed repeatedly their egos have conspired to make them the tip of some self-righteous spear.

I’m done with them. Fuck them. They’ve earned their own consequences. Let the chips fall.

For completely different reasons, I’ve tried to remove any speculation about C and K. This decision was made for a variety of reasons none of which I’m not going to delve into here. I have to leave some because I cannot tell my story without also sharing theirs in places.

Maybe later I’ll talk more about why I made this decision.

I will be removing more as I reread them.

I need to reflect a bit while I figure out what happens now…in the meantime, I’m going to settle into my apartment, plan what is next, go dancing, and make pizza.