Going Home

I left on C’s terms. I’m coming home on my own. I’m coming home to my friends. I’m coming home to reclaim my self-respect and power.

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I’m still not sure I have a real answer why I betrayed C. I’m not sure I will ever be able to provide a personally or socially satisfactory answer to the question.

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Recently, I let unqualified, biased and angry people with self-serving goals get in my head and turn the screws yesterday. I made a mistake and it bit me in the ass. I allowed myself to be distracted and ended up with other people defining me with more misguided armchair psychology. Clearly, mistakes are for other […]

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26: Hiding in plain site

I have to work on separating my infidelity from my identity. Separating the act from the actors. Which sounds simple but I’ve been living with this lie for a long time and to a large extent, it has been my identity. Decisions, choices, and actions were constantly influenced by a desire to keep the secret. […]

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