110: This is a Test

People would rather hurt other people than feel their own pain. – Brene Brown

I’m a bit of a mess this today. We will be returning to normal programming shortly. This is only a test.

Maybe. I don’t really fucking know.





3 thoughts on “110: This is a Test

  1. You will have good days and bad. You’ll start out with more bad days than good. EVENTUALLY you’ll notice you’re having more good days than bad. Being in familiar territory from your time with her will not help. I always go for fresh start new place but I realise that isn’t always possible.

  2. Spouse of a Sex Addict – I started writing this blog 1 year post DDay #1, and 8 months post DDay #2. It's been a difficult up and down journey, but writing has allowed me to make the most progress with healing and allowing myself to still love him.
    Spouse of a Sex Addict says:

    What’s up RC? Hang in there xo