29: Saudade – The Deep Longing

I wrote as a plea to be heard. By someone.


By her...but in the quiet of the night, when love and grief can no longer be shouted down I hear the repressed whispers of knowledge reminding me the woman I long to hear from will never return. 

113: Thoughts on All that we are not by Mark Nepo

113: All that we are not

You cannot be vulnerable and safe. Vulnerability is (risk + uncertainty + emotional openness). By definition, safety is to be free of risk and uncertainty. They just cannot exist in the same spiritual space.

111: The Utmost Purest Intentions

111: The Utmost Purest Intentions

I've made 132 posts since December 22 on my journal. Today I made 42 of them private placing them in archives.

65.1: 10 Days: The Need to Speak

The Need to Speak: It is in the speaking of one's heart that makes human being human.

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