59: Thoughts on Thanks for Stopping by: A Letter to an Interloper by Dolly Allen

Many of my readers have dealt with real narcissists.  You are the one who is trying to manipulate us.  You are not here out of any noble purpose. You are not kidding any of us.

Dolly Allen

Yesterday morning I woke up to find a comment by the troll Warren about me on a friend’s blog. What happened next was both fascinating to read, amazing to watch, and emotionally terrifying for me.

Dolly is definitely the Queen.

I’m setting this here for C. No other reason. Maybe she will find it someday.

This is part one of two. Click here to read the second part. The link below will take you to the first part.

This morning I woke up to find a comment by a Warren Slocum on one of my previous posts. Click on the link to the post in order to read his comment. He’s a Narcissist… I love to interact with people on my blog and I am interested in all perspectives. I don’t expect everyone […]

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