25: Loving Karen

The truth is I offered her far more grace than I gave myself.

17: A Love Letter to Betrayers – Self Harm

"It’s important that we don’t stereotype—pain does not discriminate and people of all ages and backgrounds can be at risk for self-harm."

05: A Love Letter to the Betrayers – Labels and Abuse

It is impossible for people that never walked in our shoes to know what is true about our behaviors, why we did what we did, or what it means. I barely understand and others certainly never will.

26: Thoughts on Triggers

Here is the thing: if I want to be less trigger-happy (triggery? triggered?) I need to deal with my shit. Me. No one else.

153.03: The Pattern (Part 3)

The moment I awoke to the reality that © doesn’t care about me, our life, or our future, I am free. I am free to go dancing. I am free to walk into any place and order a beer. Free to ask a friend that loves me, accepts my Ugly, and hasn’t run, to dance with me.

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