32: Eeyore Visits Mordor

There is nothing simple that I have chosen to do. I think it is human to believe change is for the other person even when we know the solution lies within.

31: Drive by Shaming

Every time I hear one person tell another some variation of, "Staying in your partnership and trying to transform the conflict means you're weak, a chump, abused, suffering from Stockholm syndrome, and your past history was just one big lie," I think, "Wow! Who's gaslighting who here?!"

Seriously?! How do you know?

138:01 Thoughts on Sluts and Creative Writing by The Queen Dolly

I luv this woman and her writing. More than most others, she makes me examine my biases. She does so because she makes an effort to examine her own.

138: Slut

Labeling someone a slut - or a narcissist, predator, or whore - isn't rape, but the emotional intentions are the same. It's about taking someone's Power.

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