135: More Patterns

I’ll keep working on changing the things I can and accepting the things I can’t. You can hurt me but you cannot break me. Only the rigid shatter. As always, I keep my heart soft towards you. Not simply because I love you, but because I love myself enough to know this is best for me.

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66: Consequences are Personal

she asked me to write a story about the consequences of my betrayal, secret-keeping, and escalating series of lies. I hope my experience will benefit others. Let the pain have a purpose. 

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59: Thoughts on Thanks for Stopping by: A Letter to an Interloper by Dolly Allen

Yesterday morning I woke up to find a comment by the troll Warren about me on a friend’s blog.

What happened next was both fascinating, amazing, and a bit terrifying.

Dolly is definitely the Queen.

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43: Thoughts on the Diagnosis De Jour: Narcissism by Dolly Allen

“True pathological narcissism has always been rare and remains so: It affects an estimated 1 percent of the population, and that prevalence hasn’t changed demonstrably since clinicians started measuring it.” – Psychology Today

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