153.01: The Pattern (Part 1)

img_20181007_210205I envy the tree, how it reaches but never holds. Things that matter come and go, but being touched and feeling life move on, we tend to cling and hold on, not wanting anything to change. Of course, this fails and things do change.

Mark Nepo
The Book of Awakening
October 12

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Black Friday 2017, is the day our First Relationship died.

Tonight, with Dr. Deb’ wisdom, Fire and Star’s love, Dr. Madden’s writings, a bit of Elle insight, lots of friends, and a whole lot of © and Patsy III’s theatrics, I think I successfully buried the remains of our relationship at sea…actually a lake.

Anyway, I don’t want to bury the lead, so I’ll just say it: after what I experienced and witnessed from © and Patsy III tonight, I saw clearly, I can never go back to the relationship.


And it isn’t that I can’t go back. It isn’t I don’t want some of what we had back. It’s simply I won’t go back.

I want a Partner, not a dependent. I want a Tiger, not a kitten.

I love © deeply, passionately, exuberantly and largely unconditionally, but, after tonight, I want something healthier; that is the Alpha and the Omega.

Everything else is filler.