Thoughts on the Next Step to Health by Mark Nepo

The truly loving action is to listen and then tell them, ‘No.’ Changing something simply to make someone else feel better is the path to my lost integrity and shattering of my character.

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Thoughts on Ghosting by Esther Perel

When I saw Esther Perel’s continuum summarizing a Relationship Accountability Spectrum, I was like, “Holy FUCK! Ghosting?! That is exactly what has happened over the last year! That is what she did! That is how I feel and behave! I’m not crazy or irrational!”

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153.01: The Pattern (Part 1)

Tonight, with Dr. Deb’ wisdom, Fire and Star’s love, Dr. Madden’s writings, a bit of Elle insight, and a whole lot of © and Patsy III’s theatrics tonight, I think I successfully buried the remains of our relationship at sea…actually a lake.

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