61: Relational Blackjack

I was never confused about Painter’s decision to end the relationship. Although I was hurt and sad, I was never confused. I understood.

Thoughts on Mark Nepo’s Being Sad

How quick we are to believe the worst about people we don't actually know because we want to believe the best about the people we love.

149: Thoughts on They Cheat Because Their Souls Were Starving (Oh Brother) by SpaghettiSam

SpaghettiSam asks, "What has changed in this person so that the next time a crisis occurs or they aren’t feeling loved and special they don’t opt to go fuck another person?"

Good question.

133: Sounding Advice

133: Sounding Advice

"You still have C on a pedestal" and other friendly insight.

119: And so it goes

119: And so it goes

"How often we murder parts of ourselves by not letting things advance or come close. How often we let fear rule our emotional lives. How often we kill or chase away everything that moves." - @MarkNepo

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