87: Dogs and Cats

The late and great Goldendoodle, Rigsby.

C is a cat. I am a dog.

When a dog fucks up and is punished by its owner, the dog comes back over and over looking for forgiveness and to rejoin the pack. If you want to break a dog, isolate him. Tie him to a tree. Eventually, his spirit breaks.

He simply wants to love you, be accepted, and be loved. He wants to belong. You own them.

But a cat?

You don’t own cats, cats own you. At least that is what C claims.

If you mess with a cat, she doesn’t forgive. She waits for you to come back – preferably with sushi. And then, although she might take the sushi, she will still put a hairball in your shoe. C always claimed to be a cat – with claws.

She will come back when and if she decides it’s time.

This is why we agreed from the beginning, I would stay only as long as she would have me.

As such, I respected her nature and left when she asked…but I still want to belong. In the meantime, I’m free to wander.

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