33: Kittens in Boxes

I've come to recognize through mediation, writing, friendships, and therapy, we all have a box of our own making. A box we all willing climbed in. My box was my infidelity, secret-keeping, and the escalating series of lies. 

65: Living in Boxes (Part I)

I never questioned anything My Kitten said to me. As a result I ended up living in a box.

12: A Love Letter to the Betrayers – Mostly Dead Cats

The meaningful question from my Good Doctor, and other good doctors, is “if you love/care for others why have you lied and kept secrets that has harmed and injured your Loves, lives, and self?”

87: Dogs and Cats

87: Dogs and Cats

A dog simply wants to love you, be accepted, and be loved. He wants to belong. You own them.

But a cat? A cat owns you.

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