152: Paradoxes

"It can be true that your husband is a kind, good-hearted soul. And also true that he made choices that hurt you deeply." via Elle Grant, Author

127: Monkeys in the Middle

127: Monkeys in the Middle I've gone to lengths not to put people in the middle of my situation. I don't want anyone else to carry my water.

87: Dogs and Cats

87: Dogs and Cats A dog simply wants to love you, be accepted, and be loved. He wants to belong. You own them. But a cat? A cat owns you.

85: Running Away

85: Running Scared I only know what the trolls' think. I will never know what C feels or thinks because, like so much of my relationship, she lacks the courage and willingness to tell me. That gives her power.

65.11: 0 Days: Omega

0 Days: Omega Thank you for sharing your life with me. These seven years were some of the most joyous and passionate years of my life. Every moment with you is a gift.

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