95: The Possibilities

95: The Possibilities I want things kept simple right now. The possibilities are fun to toss about but the reality is I'm in no rush...but it's a pleasant thought. It's nice to be reminded there are other possibilities.

85: Running Away

85: Running Scared I only know what the trolls' think. I will never know what C feels or thinks because, like so much of my relationship, she lacks the courage and willingness to tell me. That gives her power.

84: Exist In The Moment (One more thought)

84: Exist In The Moment (One more thought) This is the only path to rediscovering my self-respect and power. It is the only path to transform myself and my life. More vulnerability, not less, is the only path to my heart.

82: The Elephant

82: The Elephant This morning at 8:00 am CST I am facing my fears, anxieties, and humiliations. Anxiety wants me to hide so I've decided to do the opposite. I'm going to treat Anxiety like the bully it is: I'm going to punch it in the nose.

81:Thoughts on Ripping up the old contract by A Couples Journey of Recovery from Sex Addiction

"I’ve rightfully felt anger, rage, hurt, trauma, disrespect, tricked and disgust because he fucked other women – plain and simple – and him fucking other women was NOT in my plan."

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