131: Thoughts on Happy Endings by Not Your Average Girl

screenshot_20180722-123810You have to make your choices, accept the outcome and face it like a boss.

Not Your Average Girl

Sometimes you just have to roll the dice, take the risk, face the uncertainty, and be open. Not for a better love, but for a better life.

I have one life. I’m spending this moment exactly how it needs to be spent. I wasted a lot of years betraying myself, C and others. There is no “get out of jail card” or do-over.

I’ve always known what I want and I’m acting accordingly. I’m not wasting time if it helps me learn, grow and see the world and myself more clearly.

Today that means I’m making the choice over and over to make myself available to C. This morning I got up and made the choice again. Tomorrow I may wake up and decide it is time to make another choice.

It will probably bite me in the ass and I probably will end up rolling snake eyes but it’s my life, I made my choices, I willing to live with the outcome. I’m not running or hiding again. I’m owning my life like a boss.

131: Happy Endings by Not Your Average Girl

There is no standard upbringing for someone who is unlucky in love, for someone who becomes a cheater, for someone who becomes the cheated, for someone who stays single, wants kids, doesn’t want kids. These do not mark your life. Your experiences can send you either way. How you are hard wired can send you either way. Perfect children become murderers, kids from the gutter can become their country’s leader. […]

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