121: Thoughts on Trickle Truth HELL by Walking the Journey

121: Trickle Truth HELL by Walking the Journey The truth will not set you free. What you do with the truth will.

65.3: 8 Days: Thoughts on How More Secrets and Lies Destroy Relationships by Darlene Lancer

This article is without a doubt, the most accurate, and thorough description of my thinking, actions, feelings, and perception of self I have found about the consequences, pain, and anxiety of being tied down by secrets and lies.

66: Consequences are Personal

she asked me to write a story about the consequences of my betrayal, secret-keeping, and escalating series of lies. I hope my experience will benefit others. Let the pain have a purpose. 

60: Why

I'm still not sure I have a real answer why I betrayed C. I'm not sure I will ever be able to provide a personally or socially satisfactory answer to the question.

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