137.02 Birthdays

Every September 15th for the past five years I was there. My heart breaks that this year I won’t be.

I did what I could on your birthday to let you know you matter, that you are all that matters, that you are loved. That I would always be there. 

What more could I have done?

What more would I do now?

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      1. It’s okay. It isn’t harsh, it’s true.

        I have no illusions about her state of mind. I cannot force her to look where she doesn’t want to see. All I can be is myself.

        The woman that comes next will be getting a man that isn’t afraid of his heart and is owning his integrity.

        I got this…

  1. It’s not that she doesn’t want to see, it’s that she *can’t*. The next woman will be getting the man that you are *after* C suffered from the the man you were before- she went through then pain so you could give some other woman the gain.

    1. I’ll add, she can have the benefit of the experience, but she has to be willing to own her experience and walk through it. I’m here. I haven’t run. I have been open and am still growing through my experience.

      The choice is still hers….

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