137.02 Birthdays

Every September 15th for the past five years I was there. My heart breaks that this year I won’t be.

I did what I could on your birthday to let you know you matter, that you are all that matters, that you are loved. That I would always be there. 

What more could I have done?

What more would I do now?

7 thoughts on “137.02 Birthdays

      1. It’s okay. It isn’t harsh, it’s true.

        I have no illusions about her state of mind. I cannot force her to look where she doesn’t want to see. All I can be is myself.

        The woman that comes next will be getting a man that isn’t afraid of his heart and is owning his integrity.

        I got this…


  1. It’s not that she doesn’t want to see, it’s that she *can’t*. The next woman will be getting the man that you are *after* C suffered from the the man you were before- she went through then pain so you could give some other woman the gain.

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    1. I’ll add, she can have the benefit of the experience, but she has to be willing to own her experience and walk through it. I’m here. I haven’t run. I have been open and am still growing through my experience.

      The choice is still hers….


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