31: Swimming Beyond the Breakers

I had hoped someone would love me enough to see me while knowing my struggles were never about them. My hope contained both a selfish expectation and deep longing.

29: Saudade – The Deep Longing

I wrote as a plea to be heard. By someone.


By her...but in the quiet of the night, when love and grief can no longer be shouted down I hear the repressed whispers of knowledge reminding me the woman I long to hear from will never return. 

Thoughts on 36: Cleaning Out the Wound by CadConfessional

"Change happens one funeral at a time." At the time we were talking politics. However, in the years since I heard her say that I've come to appreciate this truth.

23: More of This and Lots of That

For nearly a year I gave away my Power and self-respect to Silence. I know what needs to be done.

Maybe I always knew but lacked the willingness to face it.

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