26: Thoughts on Triggers

Here is the thing: if I want to be less trigger-happy (triggery? triggered?) I need to deal with my shit. Me. No one else.

05: Karma

I wish I hadn't responded out of bitterness. I wish I had the maturity, at that moment, to sit and let the hurt happen without hurting someone else. I wish I had been able to see K as a person first, and not simply as a co-conspirator in my betrayal of C.

143: Silence – Day 34

I’m looking to answer the central question Dr. Madden asks in her book, After A Good Man Cheats, “Do u really want ur relationship back, or r u simply panicking & doing the things u think u r supposed to do?"

142: This is where I am

Do you know where you want to be in 10 years? I do.

136: Forgotten

136: Forgotten I've spent much time and energy focused on my Ugly and working through my pain and loss. As such, I've stopped examining what was beautiful and good. It has created a myopic and unbalanced perspective on Our lives.

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