31: Drive by Shaming

Every time I hear one person tell another some variation of, "Staying in your partnership and trying to transform the conflict means you're weak, a chump, abused, suffering from Stockholm syndrome, and your past history was just one big lie," I think, "Wow! Who's gaslighting who here?!" Seriously?! How do you know?

141: It’s not about me

I miss her. Sometimes I would just sit in the living room and watch her paint. I know she has been struggling with creating. I hope this is the start of her uncorking her creative bottle.

118: Thoughts on Forgiveness and Clemency

118: Thoughts on Forgiveness and Clemency I realize, like so much, I have been approaching this wrong: I've been seeking forgiveness from C, that is selfish. Is it any wonder C is still pissed?

109: Blah. Blah. Blah.

109: Blah. Blah. Blah.

"Trying to affair-proof your relationship is a fool’s errand. You will be far happier if you focus on affair proofing yourself and keeping your expectations on your partner realistically human.”

101.5: Unringing the Bell (Epilogue)

101.5: Unringing the Bell (5 of 5) - Epilogue

As my life with C fades to a distant and ringing echo I will move forward with intention. The lessons remain.

I'm excited about the possibilities.

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