Best of 2018’s Week 29

screenshot_20180717-2116291The mind secretes thoughts like the body secrets enzymes.

Tara Brach

These are some of the personally significant messages, Tweets, pictures, memes, and miscellaneous posts from this past week.



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  1. I felt a very strong, eerily personal connection with both the cat Twitter post (and myself) and the wrecked tent with my life as well. I feel as though every time I get my mess cleaned up, it is back to chaos. C’est La Vie I suppose..

    1. Maybe.

      I had a fairly lengthy conversation today with my doctor about the mess. I left wondering why I thought a good life meant no messes or chaos.

      It isn’t the messes or the chaos but how I respond to the mess and chaos that make the difference. I realize entirely too often I doubled down in an attempt to make it better, avoid consequences, and keep what mattered to me.

      Not my best moments.

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