41: Projecting Pain

I recently unfollowed someone militantly angry in her attitude about betrayers, the betrayed, and the other woman or man. Essentially, all betrayers are malignant narcissists, if you stay you must be “stupid”, and the “other” woman, or man, are horrible devious people.

Also, nuance is for losers.

On a daily basis, she shares click bait articles she finds online about “5 Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist” or “How to Win the Game with a Narcissist”.

I finally gave up when within five Tweets she called all cheaters dangerous narcissists, demonized Hillary Clinton for staying with Bill, and then retweeted a glowing article fawning over Donald Trump. My brain hurts thinking about the lack of ideological consistency.

Originally, I followed her to learn but you cannot learn from the perpetually righteous and angry. Reading her thread and articles she doesn’t believe she has done anything wrong. Her town crying consistently reads as if she believes all her pain is someone else’s fault and now that she is free of this relationship she is truly free and happy. Maybe she is but her tweets read to me as more about angrily whistling past the cemetery to scare away her ghosts than about singing to the bluebird of happiness.

However, in reality, regardless of how accurate my evaluation may be of her writing, I’m still projecting my pain onto her words.

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