149: Thoughts on They Cheat Because Their Souls Were Starving (Oh Brother) by SpaghettiSam

SpaghettiSam asks, "What has changed in this person so that the next time a crisis occurs or they aren’t feeling loved and special they don’t opt to go fuck another person?"

Good question.

147: Thoughts on Weeping in Walmart: A Twitter Conversation

Shit can turn on a dime.

146: Thoughts on The Marriage of the Princess and the Dragon

I long for the chance to show C what is under the armor. I long for the chance to explore what C and I could create together...but that life is dead.

137.01 Remember

137.01 Remember

Seven years in a few seconds. She laughed. She smiled. She loved me. I loved her.

What did she love about me? I brought this out in her?

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