25: Of Apples and Badassery

There was little room to learn how to express feelings, needs, and wants in a way that is vulnerable when it is met with derision, contempt, competing interests, and sarcasm. So I don’t think I was afraid of vulnerability as much as having a definition that equated it with weakness resulting in abuse.

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150: The Fall

Over the last 10 months, I’ve had a fall (both literally and symbolically). And now I need to let go of the beautiful sorrow and sadness that has been hanging on. I need to drop the things that have served their purpose…

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101.5: Unringing the Bell (Epilogue)

101.5: Unringing the Bell (5 of 5) – Epilogue

As my life with C fades to a distant and ringing echo I will move forward with intention. The lessons remain.

I’m excited about the possibilities.

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101.1: Unringing the Bell (Part 1 of 5)

101: Unringing the Bell (1 of 5) – No excuse

There is not a way back after the first act. I cannot unring the bell no matter how many lies I tell or secrets I keep about my betrayal.

And I had many of both.

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95: The Possibilities

95: The Possibilities

I want things kept simple right now. The possibilities are fun to toss about but the reality is I’m in no rush…but it’s a pleasant thought. It’s nice to be reminded there are other possibilities.

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