33: Lies and Anger

I love this Tweet by Lovely Little Red Poet. Love it.

The Tweet acknowledges the possibility that it isn’t someone else lying to me but my inability to separate my angry pride from the reality of the situation. This brief declaration acknowledges the possibility that I am lying to myself out of anger in order to stay angry. Anger begets more anger.

In those moments when my Anger and Pride conspire to make up stories no amount of Truth will be heard. These stories, once accepted and internalized will blind me from any perspective other than my own. In this place I will always find things, and people, to confirm the bias of my angry pride.

“Anger is natural, intelligent and necessary for surviving and flourishing,” writes Tara Brach. Of course, if I’m angry and if I’m fueling more anger through a thoughtless confirmation bias, the anger baits me into being angrier which then fuels a new round of stories and more confirmation biases. As such, “when we are hooked by anger,” adds Brach, “it causes great personal and collective suffering.”

…and so the tail wags the dog.