139: The Naked Truth

Truth Coming Out of Her Well by Jean-Léon Gérôme, 1896

The Truth and the Lie meet one day.

The Lie says to the Truth: “It’s a marvelous day today!” The Truth looks up to the skies and sighs, for the day was really beautiful.
They spend a lot of time together, ultimately arriving beside a well. The Lie tells the Truth: “The water is very nice, let’s take a bath together!” The Truth, once again suspicious, tests the water and discovers that it indeed is very nice.

They undress and start bathing. Suddenly, the Lie comes out of the water, puts on the clothes of the Truth and runs away.

Furious, Truth comes out of the well and runs everywhere to find the Lie and to get her clothes back. The World, seeing the Truth naked, turns its gaze away, with contempt and rage.

The poor Truth returns to the well and disappears forever, hiding therein, its shame. 

Since then, the Lie travels around the world, dressed as the Truth, satisfying the needs of society, because, the World, in any case, harbours no wish at all to meet the naked Truth.

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    1. I know. We don’t see the truth as it is but as we think it is. Its why we dress everything up in stories. Someone might think I posted that as a message to others. It really is a reminder to myself not to lie to myself by dressing up the truth in the lies of stories.

      1. My favorite expression on this is from Tara Brach: “the mind secretes thoughts like the body secretes enzymes.”

        We are simply really just biological meaning making machines.

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