48: Thoughts on Adulting 101 – The other side by Walking the Journey

“To be broken is no reason to see all things as broken.”

Mark Nepo

The Book of Awakening

I admire the men and women I’ve met on my semi-private CadConfessional Twitter account. Many of them have used the infidelities in their life to build a new and better future apart and together. Others, like me, are still struggling to break free of the Drama Triangle. None of this is easy but it is real.

These people have given me hope and called me out. They have made me more honest and open. Their honesty and openness have helped me better understand what the people I love are experiencing.

They have shown me, we are all the same.

I really enjoyed this story of friendship, love, and forgiveness from my Twitter friend Walking the Journey.  I especially like this paragraph about seeing her husband facing the shame of his infidelity. She approaches this experience like an adult and respectfully. There is entirely too little adulting happening in my situation – more on that tomorrow.

In the meantime, it’s important to embrace the other side:

Is he handling all of this “correctly”? No. He’s still stuck in trickle truth shame. He would rather stick his head in the sand, instead of facing this head on.

But I see his hand on mine in the dash lights, I see he hasn’t let go of me.

I’m holding his hand too… I haven’t let go either.

Read the rest of her story by clicking here or following the link below. It is worth the read.

I bitch about him a lot here. I’ve made him a monster as I work through all of this. I usually come here when I can’t see something clear, when he’s pissed me off, when the other woman has pissed me off.. I come here to figure shit out and vent. But there is another […]

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