Thoughts on The Six Kinds of Loneliness by Pema Chödrön

In the wake of this experience, the loneliness backfills the vacuum of empty space where life resided.

30: Thoughts on Unicorns, Chumps, & Other Mythological Creatures

The narrative that has choked so many meaningful intimate moments in my life is the false narrative, "You deserve to be happy but if there is a conflict that must mean there is something wrong. Not with them, but with you."

28: I am a leaf on the wind

Too often I sense my grieving keeps me focused on things outside my control. However, with time and loving intention, my grieving gives way to a renewed focus on my own patterns, roles, choices, and opportunities.

Thoughts on Conflict Transformation: Intentions, Not Excuses (Part 2)

Intentions don't matter when u r bleeding out emotionally. There is no room for nuance when performing emotional triage on your identity and life.

25: Of Apples and Badassery

There was little room to learn how to express feelings, needs, and wants in a way that is vulnerable when it is met with derision, contempt, competing interests, and sarcasm. So I don't think I was afraid of vulnerability as much as having a definition that equated it with weakness resulting in abuse.

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