16: Growth and Change

“It hurts to grow alone,” writes C. JoyBell C. “It hurts to realise that someone else won’t be coming with you.” As a result, I now recognize growth is always a selfish act.


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13: More Symbolism

And here I realized is where the story ended. In a little no frill community thrift store outside of Golden, Colorado. A few trinkets added to a hoarder’s paradise.

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05: Hidden Lessons

On Friday I helped a friend cater an event at a local brewery. For reasons I am still sussing out when we arrived I had a full blown anxiety attack. The first serious and debilitating one I’ve had in a very long, long time. I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t remember what people ordered. I couldn’t

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59: The Queen is Dead

I don’t really have much to add at the moment. Frankly, what I experienced at the train depot was eye opening and has left me disgusted with myself and others.

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49: Kryptonite

I was responsible for the emotional safety, physical well-being, and financial security for another person and their life. Someone that was not my child.

The expectations and pressure destroyed me.

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