Best of 2018’s Week 36

"Well, to be honest, Sean, I've known a lot of people in my life and seen a lot of relationships! But none more honest than you, whose taken responsibility and doing the work so it doesn't happen again. And that says something." - My Client and Friend

Best of 2018’s Week 34

Best of 2018's Week 34 Nothing can prepare me for walking through the door except walking through it. I won't even know its a door until I'm through, maybe not even then. All I do know, if there was ever any truth in our hearts about our future, we will find our way back together. And if not? Well, if not, we will find ourselves elsewhere.

Best of 2018’s Week 33

Best of 2018's Week 33 My passion for C has always left me breathless. It has never wavered. I've shown her things about myself I never shared before. I shared things about my self I didn't know I carried.

Best of 2018’s Week 32

Best of 2018's Week 32 "I have come to realize that sounding my way into the world, to express who I am, must always come first. Since wanting to be thought well of never goes away, I always have to keep the reaction of others at bay long enough for my voice to make it the light..." - Mark Nepo

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