64: Gifts of the Season

I'm not ungrateful. Painter's gift is really a reminder to myself that she is not who she pretends to be, and because of that, I owe her nothing but time and distance.

52: Stories of Truth

The truth is I had one set of secrets and lies in my relationship with Painter. It was a meaningful lie and secret, full of fucketty and shitheadery, but it was the only one.

50: Stories of Blame

Painter sat at the defendants table and announced with absolute certainty, "This is all your fault." And I wonder, "Which part is my fault?"

48: Stories of Gratitude

As I was sitting in court yesterday listening to opening statements, listening to accusations, and answering questions, I was overcome with gratitude.

41: Intent and Impact (Part 1)

I finally had enough and recognized how idiot compassion for Painter was an obstacle to my growth and moving forward in my life.

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