44: Sunflowers

How we got here doesn't have to define where we go. Living that truth is all that is required to break the patterns.

Audit 01: Ducks and other quacks

I undermine what is best before they leave me.

Thoughts on Pema Chödrön’s Non-Aggression and the 4 Maras

We are what we embrace. If we embrace the problem than we are the problem. If we embrace the solution we are the solution. If I embrace shame do I not become my shame?

Thoughts on Pema Chödrön’s Curious about Existence

There was a great deal of beautiful qualities in my relationship with my ex...but she is not the flower. She is not the reason it was beautiful. She is not the blossom or the tree. Our life was beautiful and it bloomed because that was the season and we both contributed to the season.. Our life together blossomed because it was our choice. Now it's time for a different choice.

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